The vacation galleries

The day has come!

As I left work today, I had this happy feeling in my tummy, called VACATION!

It will only last a week, but this I know: A week of vacation and traveling is worth many weeks of everyday life. My colleagues will barely notice that I’m gone, while I will feel that a lifetime has passed when I see them again.


I’m celebrating by packing and looking up my old traveling galleries ❤

Marked day, Seguin – Haiti
Freetown Christiania in Copenhagen
It always rains in Bergen
Boat-tripping in Turkey
Russian city-beach, Lipetzk ❤
Dreamy Havana
Bye bye, Holland

Where did you fly last time you got on a plane?

Ghosts of Christmas Past

You know what happens when your backup hard drive crashes? Personally, I lose the motivation to take more pictures. What’s the point of preserving a moment or a memory for ever, if you won’t see it ever again?

And those crashes, they happen to me a lot. Do they happen to you too?

So I haven’t taken pictures for months (except for ❤ work <3). Because what’s the point? Also, it’s dark outside >_> #polarnights

Then, I decided to look through my old backup disk earlier today.

Preparing for New Year (Christmas isn’t really celebrated in Russia), Year: 199x

There will be no photo summary of 2015 on this blog. “R.I.P. stupid hard drive”. Instead – pictures of christmas past:

Utrecht 2010
Sometime during this photo session, I realize that Caroline is my BFF ❤ Oslo 2010
_DSC4460Novikova copy
Christmas time, Drammen 2013
Oslo City 2014
Merry Christmas!


Phony Finnmark vol.1

also shot with phony (before the upgrade):

phony summer vol.1 – phony haitiphony winter – phony turkeyphony autumn



This blog recently turned two years, and I didn’t highlight the event in any way.

I’m so sorry, my darling (yes, sometimes I communicate directly with this blog, it’s my baby after all)! I’m the worst mama ever. How can redeem myself? I should give you a present, perhaps a new theme, oooh(!), or a domain!

I’ll make some grand gesture, just wait.

In the meantime, let’s reminiscence a bit.

2nd year

October 2014
October 2013
November 2013
November 2013
jack russell milli
December 2013
January 2014
January 2014
silver eyed horse
February 2014
March 2014
March 2014
April 2014
April 2014
May 2014
May 2014
EuroPride Parade 2014 in Oslo
June 2014
July 2014 - find the terrier tail!
July 2014 – find the terrier tail!
August 2014
August 2014
40.000 or so walked along the river.
September 2014

Phony Haiti

Or Haiti by Phone!

In the series: Phony Winter

Remember Russia?

Currently, I only remember the annoying things – the endless lines, the rude shop assistants and the crammed metro. I will soon experience all that. How come I never remember any nice things about Russia before going there? I know there are many nice things to look forward to. I know it will be three splendid weeks. Most certainly! Let’s take a look at old photos!


Av en eller annen grunn sitter ’takk’ langt inne når folk ønsker meg god ferie. Å, vent – jeg vet hvorfor: Den årlige reisen Russland klarer alltid å sjokkere meg køene som møter meg allerede på flyplassen. Man må også vente i butikkene hvor ansatte ofte snakker i telefonen mens de blar i magasiner, før de spydig forteller (de måtte tross alt legge fra seg alle sine andre gjøremål!) at dersom du vil vite om pølsa er god – da får du kjøpe den! Og alle tar i mot rådet med stoisk ro, alle er tross alt overlevende etter rush-trafikken. Det skal mer til for å vippe oss over kanten, som kø-snikere for eksempel. Neida, det blir en fantastisk tur! Det blir alltid det, om ikke annet – periodevis. En titt i fotomappa:

Last year my camera stopped working on the first day! These pictures were shot in Moscow, with a borrowed Canon.

Milli travels

På toppen av Fredrikstad

I don’t think Milli had ever been to Fredrikstad before we went there to visit Caroline (remember her? >>) who lives and works in the old part of the city. Old Fredrikstad is actually shaped like a star; you can see it on maps and pictures from above. Milli didn’t visit any museums, but she enjoyed the cobblestone pavements and the tree houses with secret gardens, and most of all the parks, very much!

Kjære Caroline jobber i Gamle Fredrikstad (Gamlebyen) i sommer, og Milli ble  invitert til å besøke henne. Jeg ble med. Vi utforsket et par bortgjemte hager, usynlige for folk som vandrer langs brosteingatene, med mindre en port tilfeldigvis er åpen slik at en liten hund kan bli nysgjerrig på grillduftene som strømmer ut. En logrende pelsdott får tilsynelatende alltid en varm velkomst. Milli besøkte ingen museer, men hun fikk snust på noen statuer og en kirke. Jeg tror hun reiste tilbake til Drammen fornøyd.

Milli snuser ut hemmelig hage

More about Milli >>

Miami 4.7

Miami South Beach

So Miami. Maybe no city would be able to match my expectations, and I certainty had too little time in Miami to discover the hidden treasures. The crowds strolling Ocean Drive were however as little dressed as promised and the cars were as shiny as advertised. That was cool. I would really not recommend eating in Ocean Drive though. Also, the lines outside clubs on 4th of July were crazy – not cool, especially since the rain started pouring down the second the lights in the sky went out. But hey, I was THERE!

4.7 Miami Photo time
and so were lots of other people!! no, I didn’t bother to get in line to be photographed with the sign considering the heat..

But I did find the time to visit little Havana, since I recently explored the big one.
And I bought some fine cigars there too 😉

Little Havana in Miami Mural

notice anything special with the lady mannequin? a typical sight in Ocean Drive :-p
Miami Downtown – skyscrapers
Miami Downtown
4th of July Fireworks
Oh, I do love fireworks! So much that shooting them is no fun… And a photo can’t really show the magnificence of an exploding sky :-/

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Life Is Fantastic

snapped right before the adventure began (oslo central station)
snapped right before the adventure began (oslo central station)

Since I arrived the sunshine state (it’s a way to say Florida, right?) I’ve been itching to blog, but finding the opportunity (and the Wifi) to do so has not been easy! Oh, well… I’m having fun and soaking up the sun, getting a tan and enjoying myself immensely! I hope you love your summer vacation as much as I love mine!

the journey was hard
the journey was hard
and so much worth it!
and so much worth it!