Phony Winter


Hoe easily my absence from this blog can be explained: I got a new phone for my birthday! Hurray for Phony! And suddenly I didn’t need to drag my heavy camera around with me. A phone is more than sufficient for capturing everyday moments. Which I’ve been doing and posting on my tumblr-playground here.

17 thoughts on “Phony Winter”

  1. Missed seeing you around! I just got my first smartphone as well! Mainly wanted it for taking everyday moments but haven’t really gotten used to getting out my phone all the time yet!

  2. I really enjoyed looking at your pictures and your blog. The photography is great but don’t give up on the big camera. Your phone camera can’t do as much as that big ass’d camera as my hubby would say. I’m sure you will find yourself going back to it. But, the phone camera is great in getting those opportunity shots that could be missed!

  3. I love these photos of your life, great shots with your new phony. Thanks for liking curiositycafe on WPC, I have to post with rainbowspinnaker until next summer when I can create a new account for curiositycafe.

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