Summer vacation

It’s been a while since I’ve seen my mom. Mom’s scheduled flight to visit me back in April was canceled because of the COVID-19 situation and I myself have travelled nowhere since March. Then came the day when restrictions were lifted, air companies started flying in Norway almost like before the pandemic (way more expensive though)

… and masks are a must wear.

Curious fact: It’s the first time in my life I’m wearing such a mask. They make you sweat around your mouth. But it’s alright, when it grants passage to a much needed vacation.

Some years back my mom moved to the coast of Norway. Since I haven’t lived here myself, coming to visit her almost feels like a vacation abroad. The weather is not at all like I’m used to in Norway. It’s actually HOT. The nature is lush and flowering. Staying at your mom’s as an adult, is kind of like living at a hotel with all inclusive servises, free coaching and an amazing view.

Mom’s home is really a pearl, as we say in Norwegian, overlooking the fjord, with a garden full of roses, peonies, lilies and even strawberries, which we have to compete for, with the many birds who live in this area and happen to love red fruit for breakfast.

It’s a bit hard to explain how all this is a balm for my spirit without going into details about the difficulties of the spring. I’m focusing on the moment though. The sun is shining, the birds are singing – even though I picked up this day’s harvest of strawberries first, bees are making love to the blooming roses and life feels quite wonderful. It’s summer and vacation time.

I wish you, my reader, wonderful moments wherever you are!

Big Buddha – check

My trip to Hong Kong didn’t go as planned, if I can even claim that I had a plan.

It was more like I travelled with a loose idea of places I should visit, marked in Google Maps, with one place being especially important: The Big Buddha.

This guy.

Big Buddha in Hong Kong
Hey there!

I visited him on a Monday. Alone. It made me realize things, crazy things, like the fact that I don’t like traveling alone without a purpose. I love sharing experiences with other people. Otherwise you have to find meaningful ways to occupy yourself, which is how I ended up taking series of selfies and smiling at a lot of random people.


Although I didn’t quite find the right insta-filter to catch the mood of this day, I made a video ↓ #plansinterrupted #lonelytraveler

It begins with me sharing my fear of heights with my phone, in a glass elevator cabin far above ground. Not to say that I didn’t enjoy myself while #travelingalone. It simply wasn’t what I expected to do and my memories are colored by this filter I can’t quite name.

Let’s call it Mood E.

Po Lin Monastery - Hong Kong

The sky looked like it would cry any minute, which it eventually did. Crowds were forecast, but I found a quiet and peaceful place. I waved at Buddha, fired up incense and prayed for patience and forgiveness at the Po Lin monastery. The rain gave me the perfect opportunity to hide in the cute souvenir shops of Ngong Ping village, where I bought these kittens:

Lucky cats for everything in life ❤

It’s nice to be back home.

To be continued…

Travelvlog from HK #2

(In Russian:)

My Google Maps-list of stuff to do in Hong Kong:

I bought a tiny new camera friend:

DJI Osmo Pocket Camera
DJI Osmo Pocket

And I hope to make more videos in the future. Some attempts-just-for-fun can be found on this Instagram account >>

Hong Kong downtown

Classic cabin in the woods

#Update from the cabin of my youth. This is not the first and hopefully not the last time I’m here. This cabin belongs to my best friend’s mom and I have many memories from it, of dinners, sleepovers and parties. Like this lovely photo from 2021:

Shake it!

Since I dug up that old photo album, I might as well share some other pics from it as well. This is the gang from that time:

Me, back then:

The creativity of those days:

Lise loves Odin.