phony summer vol.1

I feel the need to write something too

My Facebook feed is bouncing from drowning me with all the sad stories of the world to bathing me with sunlight. The summer in Norway has been incredibly sunny and warm this year, a phenomena most Norwegians have managed to share on FB, in one way or another. Dream summer – drømmesommer. And it lasts, while my feed otherwise grows darker.

What will I remember of this period? The flowering parks and afternoon barbecues, or the distant wars and fleeting moments of melancholy?

Two things are certain: I had a higher opinion of people in general when we couldn’t comment and share news stories, and I felt the world was a better place before I started following the news.

The more you know…

newly moved

new crib

I moved into a new flat last week, in Oslo. I really liked living in Drammen centre and the daily walks by the river there, it’s beautiful. (Posts about Drammen >>) Buuuut, YES, hooray! I’m officially back in the capital, closer to my friends, big events and potential work. Fantastisk!

This is my new place!

new place

Although the process of moving is always tedious, stressing and generally no-fun, having settled in (yeah, I call moving most of my stuff to a place “settled in”) is beyond GREAT. A new home is a chance to start anew, a new beginning, a possibility to start on a different life.

I’m ready.


Happy Pride!

Oslo was the host city for EuroPride 2014, which ends today. Milli was there OFC.

EuroPride 2014

It was cold yesterday, but the colourful Pride Parade through Oslo made it a cheerful and gay Saturday.

EuroPride Parade 2014 in Oslo

I love the idea of celebrating diversity. Hooray for the brave and daring! #lovemoves

EuroPride 2014

More photos from EuroPride2014 can be viewed in my Pride album on Flickr >>

EuroPride 2014


mygosh, the loneliness.


I love being alone, but the evenings are getting longer every day. I figure I’m not the only one ready for some quotes ’bout loneliness (thank you for providing, goodreads)

“Remember: the time you feel lonely is the time you most need to be by yourself. Life’s cruelest irony.”
― Douglas CouplandShampoo Planet

“Maybe ever’body in the whole damn world is scared of each other.”
― John SteinbeckOf Mice and Men

“If you’re lonely when you’re alone, you’re in bad company.”
― Jean-Paul Sartre

“Solitude is fine but you need someone to tell that solitude is fine.”
― Honoré de Balzac

Luckily for me, I have a dearly preciousss ball of fur to converse with!

jack russell milli yawns
jack russell milli

Yes, we can!

Milli travels

På toppen av Fredrikstad

I don’t think Milli had ever been to Fredrikstad before we went there to visit Caroline (remember her? >>) who lives and works in the old part of the city. Old Fredrikstad is actually shaped like a star; you can see it on maps and pictures from above. Milli didn’t visit any museums, but she enjoyed the cobblestone pavements and the tree houses with secret gardens, and most of all the parks, very much!

Kjære Caroline jobber i Gamle Fredrikstad (Gamlebyen) i sommer, og Milli ble  invitert til å besøke henne. Jeg ble med. Vi utforsket et par bortgjemte hager, usynlige for folk som vandrer langs brosteingatene, med mindre en port tilfeldigvis er åpen slik at en liten hund kan bli nysgjerrig på grillduftene som strømmer ut. En logrende pelsdott får tilsynelatende alltid en varm velkomst. Milli besøkte ingen museer, men hun fikk snust på noen statuer og en kirke. Jeg tror hun reiste tilbake til Drammen fornøyd.

Milli snuser ut hemmelig hage

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