Baby Fisheye in Amsterdam

Amsterdam Central Station - Double Exposure

Grainy or not – I love each and every one.

But maybe I should save the Baby for things close enough to touch. I’ll find out next time I develop films, which unfortunately will be a while…

Baby Fisheye 110

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Mixed feelings

Winter activities at Dombås in Norway
Ah, the moment I shot this was so sweet and I smile when I remember it. But it’s a memory with a price tag……
I paid 100 dollar to develop 24 pictures yesterday. I assure you it was the last time I brought films to a developer in Oslo.
But I can enjoy the feeling of holding the following picture in my hand when the chocolate abstinence kicks in. Yeah.
children enjoying the snow - Dombås, Norway 2013
On the bright side – if I don’t tell anyone, nobody will yell at me….
shot with my Holga 120N (never blame the tool)