There’s a city by the sea…

It’s a place called Jérémie!

In the south beyond the many mountains

In the south beyond the many mountains

There’s city with a western feeling, as in old western, but without the cowboys, or maybe they just don’t have the hats…

Sinking boat in the sea

But there’s concrete a boat there, that’s been sinking since last year

a narrow street in jeremie (haiti) with ocean view

And the narrow streets with ocean view

And the pretty sights in sunset


(the road to get there is another chapter – you arrive in a milkshake-like state)


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  1. your pictures are telling me that the country is getting back on its feet. that’s nice to know considering the devastation that it suffered a few years back.


  3. Your bottom three captures. Awesome. That boat is super neat. The ocean through a side street has lovely color contrast. The composition of the sunset. Especially the composition of the last shot. So many stories and so well put together. ❤

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