Jeremie - a colourful city south in haiti

There’s a city by the sea…

It’s a place called Jérémie!

In the south beyond the many mountains
In the south beyond the many mountains

There’s city with a western feeling, as in old western, but without the cowboys, or maybe they just don’t have the hats…

Sinking boat in the sea
But there’s concrete a boat there, that’s been sinking since last year
a narrow street in jeremie (haiti) with ocean view
And the narrow streets with ocean view
And the pretty sights in sunset


(the road to get there is another chapter – you arrive in a milkshake-like state)


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24 thoughts on “There’s a city by the sea…”

  1. your pictures are telling me that the country is getting back on its feet. that’s nice to know considering the devastation that it suffered a few years back.

  2. Lovely photos!! I love the narrow alleys or streets you find in coastal towns with ocean views. They feel like little hidden gems when you walk down them, excellent shot!

  3. A year of sinking…and still sinking?! My dear Lord! That can only happen in Haiti! Although it’s better sinking on that ship than on Titanic. Much more chances of survival.

  4. Your bottom three captures. Awesome. That boat is super neat. The ocean through a side street has lovely color contrast. The composition of the sunset. Especially the composition of the last shot. So many stories and so well put together. ❤

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