This year I dressed up as a unicorn for Halloween.


Maybe not. But I got to fulfill my dream of being a unicorn for a night, I was happy and that’s what matters.

My friend, this lovely girl…


…threw a Halloween party in her spooky house. She has kids, and after «trick and treating» with them on the 31th of October, it was time for the adults to get childish yesterday.

I got really drunk. It matters because I obviously needed a refreshed lesson on mixing alcohols. I solemnly swear I’ve learned it now. I’m declaring white month. In the spirit of the arctic unicorn! No more spirits, but more yoga. The past few weeks have been a whirlpool of action. Now it’s time to land 🙂

*Which means sleeping more, reading and writing more, getting ready for winter. #healthymind #healthylife

From the air


Here I am,  practicing with my drone while enjoying a short summer down south.

Short – because the rain came pouring down less than an hour after these shots. Also, I couldn’t wait to reunite with the midnight sun ❤

Coming up next!

Packed and ready

Packed bag - collage; dresses, t-shirts, pants, shoes ++
inside my bag


I always stress a lot prior to traveling, especially if I am to leave most of my stuff for what I consider to be a long time. Bye bye, wardrobe. In order to be better organized I began taking a picture of everything I packed; if I put them together in a collage I will always have an overview of everything I own, I thought, and it will be easier to plan each and every day! Time will show the usefulness of it… …. Yeah. I hope the fact that I got kind of distracted by taking photos of myself, and forgot to shoot a t-shirt or two, doesn’t ruin it.


self portrait - shadows
reflections can be distracting,… and I should be smiling!!


Either way, wish me luck!
I’m going to Haiti 😉


Lazy day

I’ve done almost nothing today, I barely managed to leave the house to buy products I need to survive the weekend, and I should feel absolutely wonderful. A legitimate lazy day is a rarity. But I should have read a book. Or played a game. Or cleaned my room. Instead I’ve ben surfing. I use Internet so much during weekdays that I should totally try to avoid it when I’m free. Stupid me. I feel like a zombie. A zombie that can take self-portraits though . . .