Jalouzi - above Petion-Ville - Haiti
Jalousie in new colors! Jealous?

I was going to submit these as COLOR, but then I saw that the weekly photo challenge now is CHANGE. And Jalousie is even more fitting for this theme; as the community on the hillside is being painted these days. I loved it when I first saw it – colors always make me happy, but there’s a lot of controversy in the picture too. Is painting houses the way to help a neighbourhood?

I met a journalist in Jeremie who’s running a website about ‘happenings in Haiti’ – follow THIS LINK for more about Jalousie and other interesting news 😉


  1. that IS an awesome photo… but I did get a laugh from the video….” I wish they fixed the houses first before they painted them.. its like putting on new clothes without taking a bath… they look fine until you get close enough to smell them.. “(paraphrasing) but i thought his point was interesting.. beautiful, compact close quarters, rugged region..

  2. Vibrant colors and the overcast sky makes the picture incredible.
    Ah, good for neighborhood to some extent. “Slum Tourism” is a craze these days!

  3. nice colors!! and I agree with your point, rather than painting the houses, the basic amenities should be provided first…like your photo-journalism 🙂

  4. The colours really are beautiful! It’s a shame that they didn’t improve the living conditions and opted to to a quick fix for the facades, but hopefully this will draw enough attention and interest that more change will continue to happen!

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