self portrait - shadows

Packed and ready

Packed bag - collage; dresses, t-shirts, pants, shoes ++
inside my bag


I always stress a lot prior to traveling, especially if I am to leave most of my stuff for what I consider to be a long time. Bye bye, wardrobe. In order to be better organized I began taking a picture of everything I packed; if I put them together in a collage I will always have an overview of everything I own, I thought, and it will be easier to plan each and every day! Time will show the usefulness of it… …. Yeah. I hope the fact that I got kind of distracted by taking photos of myself, and forgot to shoot a t-shirt or two, doesn’t ruin it.


self portrait - shadows
reflections can be distracting,… and I should be smiling!!


Either way, wish me luck!
I’m going to Haiti 😉


39 thoughts on “Packed and ready”

  1. Haiti, be careful with yourself ok? You come back to us safely. I’m not a huge fan since the earthquake. But many of the Haitian people are wonderful.

  2. Haiti?! Wow! You sure are traveling to the other side of the globe! You’re gonna have amazing material to photograph and hopefully some crazy adventure to remember (nothing dangerous though! I wish you well!!). Have a great time, drop by as often as you can cause we’ll miss you much(!) and look as gorgeous as you do on the photo above! 🙂

    And I understand your stress with packing and going away for longer…We always try not to miss anything we may want to use while being away, and then there’s always something missing while we’re already there… So… better relax and focus on the adventure. The rest is not that important after all. Just remember your passport and ID! 😉

    Big hug to you!

    1. Ah, thank you for your kind and wise words! this made me smile ❤ be sure I'll drop in for my julita-dose as often as I can 😉

  3. I knew you wanted sunshine… 😉 This sounds like an incredible adventure and I can’t wait to hear all about it! Do be careful though, I have friends from Haiti and it can be…interesting… and don’t forget to pack your sunscreen and bug spray 😀

    1. Hehe..Thank you! the bug spray is peaking out from my shoes 😛 an this does seem like a very interesting place! I’d love to ask your friends a question or two if they would agree :-3 do you think you could ask them if I could get their email? 😀 😀

    1. I don’t have any :-((( And now I feel slightly paranoid about that 😮 I guess that’s what I should have bought instead of rolls of film for my Holga that I might not get to develop in a while..

  4. Holy cow! When you said you were proposing a trip to Haiti I thought it would be a couple months out! Congrats on going and so quick at that!
    Stay in touch por favor! I like having you as a pen pal!
    How long will you been there for?

    1. not yet decided, 4-5 weeks :-3 and yeah, the time went really fast 😮 and ofc I’ll stay in touch, you are the internet manifestation of my BFF who has started joking that Joe is her secret internet personality :-p not that I believe her – she can’t snowboard 😉

      1. That’s going to be a long trip! 😀
        What are you planning on doing when you’re there?

        Hehehe that’s awesome!

  5. Awesome! I love your overview of the things you’re taking along and I hope you have an amazing trip! (I spy a holga! I’ve gotten the Holga 135 not so long ago, just filled my first roll and I’m curious to see the results!)

    1. Hehe! I’m looking forward to see them! 😀 Holga is so much fun – and of course it’s coming along! If I’m lucky I might find a place that prints film here!

  6. Nice picture! You are the most variable blogger I am following. For any other blog I can already identify the author of the post before reading it, except for you. Every of your post is different! great!

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