Packed and ready

Packed bag - collage; dresses, t-shirts, pants, shoes ++
inside my bag


I always stress a lot prior to traveling, especially if I am to leave most of my stuff for what I consider to be a long time. Bye bye, wardrobe. In order to be better organized I began taking a picture of everything I packed; if I put them together in a collage I will always have an overview of everything I own, I thought, and it will be easier to plan each and every day! Time will show the usefulness of it… …. Yeah. I hope the fact that I got kind of distracted by taking photos of myself, and forgot to shoot a t-shirt or two, doesn’t ruin it.


self portrait - shadows
reflections can be distracting,… and I should be smiling!!


Either way, wish me luck!
I’m going to Haiti 😉


Lazy day

I’ve done almost nothing today, I barely managed to leave the house to buy products I need to survive the weekend, and I should feel absolutely wonderful. A legitimate lazy day is a rarity. But I should have read a book. Or played a game. Or cleaned my room. Instead I’ve ben surfing. I use Internet so much during weekdays that I should totally try to avoid it when I’m free. Stupid me. I feel like a zombie. A zombie that can take self-portraits though . . .