Back to Haiti

It’s unbelievable that I’m once again packing my bags to go the Caribbean, to Haiti. Last year I made a photo collage of the clothes I brought with me. It gave me a nice overview over my wardrobe during six-or-so weeks away from home. So I tried something similar while packing this year too, but there was just no time or space to make it as… orderly as I would have wished.

camera gear, sunglasses & clothes
packed and what?

I wouldn’t have believed it was possible, but I feel equally badly prepared as the first time I was going. Yet, I’ll be on the airplane in a couple of hours.

             Wish me luck!

back to wonderland
back to wonderland

15 thoughts on “Back to Haiti”

  1. Have a wonderful trip, I am envious (even though I just returned) that you are heading to that amazing and wonderful place!!

      1. Jack Anderson (John B. Anderson) is the founder of Kyoto Twist Solar Cooking Society. He has developed a variety of solar cookers and initiated several projects in Haiti.

        kyoto Twist is sadly shutting it’s doors. One of the groups we helped fund and promote is.the Haiti Solar Oven Partners with the Free United Methodist Church – I think it is Port Au Prince. Jack has traveled to Haiti on numerous occasions.

        Good luck and have a good trip.

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