Hello, Haiti

Haiti, caribbean island

The clock is barely six, but I can hear my bed calling from the distance. Jet lag, I know this state is called that. Other than than that I don’t know anything. But I’ll adjust eventually 😉 Until then …

the very first views & sights:

Unfortunately, I did not get a window seat, but my friendly plane-neighbor graciously allowed me to basically crawl into her lap 🙂 Merci!



      • Good, I’m glad to hear that. I hate to think of you in trouble in such a place, the ppl of Haiti do have a warm loving spirit but their country has been so ravaged over the years it can turn the hearts of many grey. I assume you have a good travel companion as well.

  1. thepiratehorizon

    lucky lady neighbor then 😉 an’ lucky you girl, crawling into the laps of places in the world. enjoy there

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