Mixed feelings

Winter activities at Dombås in Norway
Ah, the moment I shot this was so sweet and I smile when I remember it. But it’s a memory with a price tag……
I paid 100 dollar to develop 24 pictures yesterday. I assure you it was the last time I brought films to a developer in Oslo.
But I can enjoy the feeling of holding the following picture in my hand when the chocolate abstinence kicks in. Yeah.
children enjoying the snow - Dombås, Norway 2013
On the bright side – if I don’t tell anyone, nobody will yell at me….
shot with my Holga 120N (never blame the tool)

22 thoughts on “Mixed feelings”

  1. what know-all said! i don’t hear much about anyone having a “pro” develop pixures anymore… but i’m not hi-tech or whatever enuff.
    GOOD PIX, tho!

    1. I don’t know how to develop film myself.. Since it’s old-school technology I’d rather say we’re too hi-tech :-p Because I know how to hit he print button 😉

  2. Look at the bright side: the photos are great! (and I’m not telling anybody about the price)

  3. I feel your pain! I was recently thinking of starting a new professional profile and wanted some good pics. Naively, I went to a commercial photographer (‘GlamorShots’) — $160 per picture!! I was floored! Why is photography so expensive??
    But you have got some really great pics here!! Enjoy them 🙂

  4. You may take this experience as a hint from haven to stop analog photography. Unfortunately, there is no future for film technology, it is a pity, but the reality.

  5. After seeing what you shot your pictures with, I got out my Holga–It has been awhile, but I had been thinking about going out and shooting a roll of film- I know it was an expensive price tag, but seeing the pictures has been great! There is still something very seductive about a camera, a roll of film, and your imagination—Thanks!

  6. Wonderful fresh live family pics. So happy! Ah, for the snow….. it’s hot in Australia right now.

    I like photo blogs & cat blogs – it was lovely to stop by 🙂

  7. What? that is too much pricey to have a film developed but oh well, I am not sure. I’ve not had a film developed in ages though. Great photos and memories.

  8. It’s sad how expensive analogue is getting (although that sounds particularly bad – YIKES)!
    When I was in school I used to process and print from b/w 35mm, but I wouldn’t even know where to start with color film.

  9. That is really very expensive. I only go to a shop to develop and don’t get prints or scans of my film, so for 120mm that is 4,5 euros for a roll (3 for 35mm) and then I scan them myself (I invested in a scanner that can also scan negatives) because it’s about 12-15 euros to get them scanned in the printshop. Print prices depend on the format, generally something like 40 cents per print or something? I don’t often get prints, I can do that myself when I save up for a good printer. 🙂

    1. It was two films, 110 and 120, and yeah, it was very pricy! When I printed a 110 film in Amsterdam it was 7 euros – so this was kind of a shock. I think I’ll start looking at scanners myself too..

  10. Thanks for visiting my blog, I have just browswed yours and look forward to be following! Great photos, and these really speak to me. I grew up in Sweden and remember those winter days with hot chocolate and stiff wool winter gloves. On your cheek you could feel how your breath turned into frost on the sidefront of your winter hat. Your photos evoke all these memories!

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