Oslo from the St. hanshaugen hill

To Oslo and back again

Oslo from the St. Hanshaugen hill

How did I become such a jetsetter?

Christmas came to an end and I found myself studying at tw o universities – one in Amsterdam and one in Oslo. It’s not the dream I wish it was.

My mailbox came to life again, and so did Facebook, but it isn’t the place I relax while stalking people anymore – I am the one stalked now, mostly by people who need me to do something instead of doing the other thing I must do.

I can also see my birthday in the near future; something a balloon cemetery in my kitchen keeps reminding me about. I’ll post a pic of that tomorrow, promise. But now I have some depressed sleeping to do.
Then lectures.

Fashion icon and an inspiration - Name: Unknown :-(
Fashion icon and an inspiration – Name: Unknown

12 thoughts on “To Oslo and back again”

  1. stay alive girl – spring is not too far away 😉 maybe the mood will be better then. at least mine will.

  2. winter after the holidays likes to get overwhelming… i recommend tea and an uplifting movie like ‘the intouchables’ 😉 on another hand, i hope i can visit oslo one day, it looks magical from your perspective on the hill. 🙂

  3. That’s quite a mid-week trip! Hang in there buddy! If there’s anything that can be done to help from this side of the pond, just shout! How long is that trip?

      1. Ugh. Commuting by airplane. That’s a trip. Hang tough friend. It’ll be worth it the end. (Mostly for the smugness) 😉

        Thinking about you!
        -Your best friend over the pond

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