Balloons in student kitchen

No Christmas tree, but a sky of balloons

We were going to buy a tiny Christmas tree, my BFF whom I share a kitchen with, and me, were totally going to decorate for the holidays – we just love decorating. Pretty surroundings make you happy, I’m sure there are studies about that.

Our Christmas tree did never arrive though! Misunderstandings…  Good thing we haven’t found the time to get rid of the balloons in our ceiling yet!

Balloons in student kitchen
Reminders of a party




16 thoughts on “No Christmas tree, but a sky of balloons”

    1. Oh, that would be so beautiful! But there is no helium in the balloons, they are taped to the ceiling, and would not fly anywhere 😦 I’ll draw a smiley on one for you though! 😀

  1. Great shot, love it – particularly the way the light is falling on you (or whoever it is!) – bit of a Vermeer portrait going on there I think! And if you cover up the balloons it’s a different shot entirely – they make it quite surreal! G

    1. Oh, thank you! I had to check out who Vermeer was actually, but the second I saw the paintings I felt very flattered :_D The balloons make the whole kitchen a little surreal when I think about it, also in real life! I like it!

      1. “I had to check out who Vermeer was actually”

        WHAT??!?!?!!! And you also live in Amsterdam!
        Oh dear… 😉 😛

  2. I love how festive you home looks! And the fact that their taped to the ceiling, I think I like that more than if they floated there of their own accord! 🙂

  3. How long is it likely to be till the balloons deflate themselves and descend?

    This picture reminds me that I once had the idea of putting book shelves across a ceiling as a way to use space that normally goes unused.

  4. If only I had lots of friends around me, I would have put up a tree myself. Sadly that is not the case 😦
    So, this christmas, the plan is to spend it with slum children who live downstreet 🙂

    Balloons sound nice. Can you make a monkey out of a balloon like they do in fests 😉

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