I got to visit an interesting place after work 😁 #Andersgrotta #bombshelter ⭐️ #bomberommet i #Kirkenes 👍 It was #cool #cold and a little scary 😅

Andersgrotta bomb shelter

Then I got home (crazy hungry) and realized that my car had disappeared while I was away.

My kind neighbor had moved it into our garage.

I wish I hadn’t called the police 👮‍♀️👮‍♂️ #embarrassed #facepalm …Oh well 😅

Initially, my insta-plan for the day was to post a mopey #selfie or a sad cloud and whine about how boring my life is when I’m not traveling 😂 Lesson learned.

Don’t overlook the little good things that happen every day, be open to them, stay positive and don’t call the police before calling your neighbor. 🙌