shame on me

Turkey 2014

I do like Turkey. It’s different and exciting. Turkey’s history is rich and interesting. The food is amazing – who would have though Turkish Cuisine is one of my favorites? The nature is beautiful: Mountains, sun and turquoise ocean.

However, I will not be returning to Turkey for a while.

Why? I got tricked and cheated too many times. And it hasn’t become funny, yet. I wish I was too stupid to discover all the different tricks I’ve fallen for. Feeling like a gullible cow is never fun, especially not on vacation abroad, where you wish to meet everyone with a smile and an open mind.

No wonder most stores in Kemer are empty – I will most certainly never step inside a Turkish shop again. Unless EVERYTHING is priced BEFORE I enter.

Pewh. I had to get it out. I also feel the need the to write this: Never book an excursion with HERO TOUR. They promise you a bunch of stuff you never get and laugh at you when you point it out to their operators.

AND NOW – Behold the view of the ancient city swallowed by the waters:

as seen trough the "glass bottom" boat
as seen trough the “glass bottom” boat 😉