Good and terrible news

Let’s begin with the bad: Something happened to my external memory disk #orwhatyoucallit and all the photos i have taken since easter, seem to be gOnE…

Good news: I’m returning to blogging, because I want to keep my memories somewhere safe. See this WordPress, I’m putting a lot of trust inn you! You better be around in 50 years.

An update is in order: I no longer live in Oslo. My new home lies 70 degrees north. It’s a wonderful and weird city, Alta.



because you DO see northern lights here
Northern Lights, Alta


and also the midnight sun (this is like 10PM)


soon it will be dark 24/7, but now…sunsets ❤
Sunset, Alta


Kjøretur i Finnmark


Prehistoric carvings, what is your purpose?
prehistoric carvings in Alta


prettiness everywhere!
Kjøretur i Finnmark


seriously ❤
Kjøretur i Finnmark
Here’s pretty much what’s left of my Alta-photos 😿




interesting clouds - looming sky


I’ve been away for a while, not only from WordPress, but also from my Mom, the gym, Instagram, Flickr… you name it. My absence is easily explained with one short word: EXAM. But there are so many other things occupying my thoughts. I have to find a job. I have to move. I must plan my summer. I need a driver license. I should read a book. And is it long since breakfast??

While Internet provides many advices on how to relieve stress, I don’t find it very helpful to read that I must exercise and organize …