Phoneography Challenge: My Neighborhood

A lovely occasion for a Sunday walk! You’ve seen parts on my neighborhood before; my favorite park, the road i take to school, my buss-stop… But photographing it all with my phone proved to be fresh experience – taking a picture took for ever and people passing by kept sending my Samsung Galaxy Note (the largest phone there is) suspicious looks.

Ah, but my neighborhood is lovely! Enjoy, but don’t be tricked by the warm tones – it’s was super cold! My phone-thumb is still recovering 😉

Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost in the Details

5th avenue: amazing shopping window

I immediately remembered these pictures, when I saw this week’s photo challenge. Getting lost in the details is too easy on 5th Avenue. I was in a haze the whole time. It was kind of unreal with the crowds, cars, shops, lights, sounds, reflections, freezing wind… Good thing I took photos!

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward

Forward: People crossing a street in Oslo
Can you see anyone going backwards?

This weeks photo challenge proved to be hard a nut. I have many pictures of people walking (they rarely bother to stop when they get used to their personal paparazzi), and photos from car windows, of trains, planes, shoes… board games (because it rhymes I remembered shooting a lot playing bricks last winter) – so I couldn’t decide which one was more ‘forward’ than the other one.. I like this one, though… titled “Forward” 🙂