Happy New

Yes, I’ve been away. I’ve been sulking, you see. I’m still broke and without a job. And that makes me see grey.

But we’ve entered a new year now, and that I do like. I’m feeling hopeful and optimistic, rather cheery, actually.

I’m crazy about new beginnings. New Year means new opportunities to have fun, to drag all the clothes I plan on using ‘sometime’ out of the basement, to evolve and live and enjoy life!

2013 – So long and thanks for all the fish!!

2014 – Bring even more love, happiness and magical moments to everyone ❤

Oh, and talking about fish – guess who visited an atlantic-ocean-park during the holidays? Coming up >>>


2012 in pictures

Some colourful memories:

First days of 2012 - tpurists by k. novikova
First days of 2012
Winter activities by ks3nia
Winter activities
Bday wirh masks by ks3nia
Masked b-day
17th of may norwegian national day
17th May
a bug in the flowers
Cathedral of Christ the Saviour by ksenia novikova
Moscow memory
view, mountains, norway
Best view
jack russel, dog, games by the lake
Great games
concert, stage
Concert summer
New bikes
amsterdam bridge in he sunset by ks3nia (c)
Amazing Amterdam
halloween by ks3nia
Then there was…
making fireworks
Making fireworks

Have a lovely 2013!

*hugs and best wishes ;-*