The weirdest Vardø

Vardø is basically located at the end of the world. Even the clouds today have the layout to confirm this statement, they rest like a kettle lock above this arctic fisher town and it’s 2000 and some inhabitants.

It’s like the car passes over from a land bathing in the evening sun beneath distant pink clouds into a shadowy world of brown hills and grey grass. There are no trees. Reindeer run across the road from time to time.

Welcome to Vardø town

You don’t see a lot of people. Urban winds have reached this rural place though. Hidden though town you can spot several murals, graffiti and other displays of creativity.

Pøbel (probably the most famous Norwegian street artist ever) invited several leading street artists from around the world to Vardø back in 2012. They arranged the art festival called «Komafest». I guess the goal was to wake Vardø back to life with graffiti. I hope they come back to repeat it someday.

Vardø’s history is rich and full of dark chapters. Vardøhus fortress was built in the 13th century. The place would witness some of Europe’s biggest witch trials 300 years later.

Almost one hundred people were burned for dancing with the devil under a full moon, learning dark arts from black cats and drinking bewitched beer…

Today you can read their stories at Steilneset Witch Monument where a light shines for every victim of the witch hunt.

Another noteworthy thing about Vardø:

It’s a senter for top secret NATO-activity.

See those balls in the skyline?


They are radars, Globus I and II.

A third one is being built as you read this. A Russian Bitcoin Factory will soon open it’s doors as one of the closest neighbors to this new radar. American army families are moving into town, according to local media. A lot seems to be going on under the surface here. One of the houses facing the only road leading from the tunnel which connects this arctic island to Norwegian mainland, may very well be recording all comings and goings to town. I have a rich imagination and can’t help feeling watched, although I’m not sure if it’s the spies or the witches who are behind it.

What I am sure about is that Vardø is an inspiring place. It makes you want to think and write and paint.

I’ll be back.

Hunting Colours in the Rain

Rainy day in Oslo - graffiti

I’ve been carrying my camera around with me the last couple of days, as I always do, but I haven’t shot a single picture. The world isn’t very inspiring these days, so I decided to change that. I gave myself a mission…

I got home dripping wet, and not entirely happy with the day. But not entirely unhappy either… After all, I found these guys:

colourful graffiti oslo
colourful monsters say ‘hello’

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Pirate Moment Award

passing graffiti


The coolest title for an award, don’t you agree? Mèsi anpil, to the Queen of Bento – Rabbitcancook – for inviting me on board! Go girl pirates, and here’s to world domination! YAAWR 😀

Now, who else deserves to join the crew? I believe these people do:


Little Miss Ling


Diane C







Hira Nazir

Abstract Lucidity

AND OF COURSE… (at the bottom because I can’t help wishing them in the seas with me, although I’ve awarded them with “this and that” previously) THE TERRIFYINGLY WONDERFUL: Black&white colorsEvi, AmberafricaYvo1984Prem, … I feel I’ve forgotten someone…. … . Oh well.

Welcome on board, ladies!

What I’m doing here

I’m wearing many hats in Haiti;

Tourist hat – Everything is new and exciting and I’m trying to squeeze in as many experiences as I can into the five weeks I’m here. I think ‘wonderful’ is my favourite English word, and it’s quite fitting to describe my first six days in Haiti. As I write this I’m slightly distracted by six turkey chicks that pluck at mango pieces next to me. Wonderful.

Love Haiti Graffiti
Love Haiti

Volunteer hat – I’m writing the annual report for LWF, an organization that has been building schools, houses and roads in Haiti for years.

The LWF Office
LWF office in Petion-Ville

Journalist hat – Apart from the work I’ll do for LWF in Haiti; I will write a reportage for my final exam here. This makes me slightly stressed, as I haven’t found sources for this task yet, nor ‘the Norwegian link’, which should be present in my reportage if I wish to sell it to a newspaper in Norway.

People in Haiti
May I interview you?

I should also acquire a real hat soon. My head is not used to all the sun it’s getting 😛