b & w challenge – people 4


I’ve been challenged by Julita Wozny to post black & white photos for the up-coming five days. Yay!

In return I nominate Cardinal Guzman 😀

He has recently posted a bunch of beautiful B&W photos to his Flickr account, so I’m sure he can cough up five awesome pics for one of his blogs too 😉 Which are cardinalguzman and artishorseshit, btw.

In order to take this challenge, you must post B&W photography for the next five days, and each day nominate another photographer to enter the challenge. Good luck!

No Christmas tree, but a sky of balloons

We were going to buy a tiny Christmas tree, my BFF whom I share a kitchen with, and me, were totally going to decorate for the holidays – we just love decorating. Pretty surroundings make you happy, I’m sure there are studies about that.

Our Christmas tree did never arrive though! Misunderstandings…  Good thing we haven’t found the time to get rid of the balloons in our ceiling yet!

Balloons in student kitchen
Reminders of a party