Backyard Flower Spring Tradition

It has indeed become a tradition. I’m back in Oslo. Bumblebees are humming in the air. My favourite backyard smells like spring. I photograph the flowers. Just like last year >>

I’ve officially returned from Haiti. Back in business.

The adventure never ends.   –that’s what I tell myself

easter lily in my backyard

Some flowers are still waiting to bloom

Ah, spring

city of dead


It’s customary to bring something to the table when you visit someone in Russia, also when you visit your dead. Notice how many graves in the photo are furnished with tables and benches? Mom and I brought some pirogs (Russian pie – пирог) with cabbage and potatoes with us when we visited grandfather. And we planted lilies – a beautiful and quiet day.

Når du går på besøk til noen i Russland er det høflig å bringe noe til bordet. Så da vi gikk for å besøke bestefar var posene fylt med både mat og blomster. Myndighetene har for øvrig bedt folk å ikke etterlate mat på gravplasser siden det tiltrekker skadedyr, så mor og jeg spiste alle kål- og potetbollene selv mens vi sendte varme tanker til morfar.

Du er fortsatt elsket og savnet.

hope you enjoy the lilies!
hope you enjoy the lilies!

Hunting Colours in the Rain

Rainy day in Oslo - graffiti

I’ve been carrying my camera around with me the last couple of days, as I always do, but I haven’t shot a single picture. The world isn’t very inspiring these days, so I decided to change that. I gave myself a mission…

I got home dripping wet, and not entirely happy with the day. But not entirely unhappy either… After all, I found these guys:

colourful graffiti oslo
colourful monsters say ‘hello’

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