find the the graduate!
find the the graduate!

I’m officially a journalism bachelor and installed in my new apartment in Drammen. The stress of the last couple of weeks has abruptly been replaced with holidays. Not that I should be taking a vacation – I should be searching for jobs! But the weather is! Perfect for exploring my new town! And so far, I’ve found these amazing mirror balls. They’re placed on the opposite sides of the Drammen river, and not only can you mirror yourself in front of spectacular fisheye-views – the balls make sounds too! They calculate the weight of the people crossing the bridge and make eerie noises! I realize I’ll have to tape it one day, but in the meantime:

Baby Fisheye in Amsterdam

Amsterdam Central Station - Double Exposure

Grainy or not – I love each and every one.

But maybe I should save the Baby for things close enough to touch. I’ll find out next time I develop films, which unfortunately will be a while…

Baby Fisheye 110

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