Yess, I Have a Wand!

Disney World is not the only famous attraction in Orlando. There are Universal Studios too, and I visited Universal’s Isles of Adventure! The park was very beautiful and fun, but missing some of the charm Disney characters bring. I met Spiderman though, and he was super-funny! And the rides in Isles of Adventure was more exhilarating than Disney’s. While it’s ridiculous that they don’t have Fast Track. It was raining though, so the lines took no time at all.

Except for in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter! Sooo many people!!! D-: The line outside Olivander’s (where the wand picks you) was never-ending! I still got my wand though! It picked me without Olivander’s help 😉

My Magic Wand
My Magic Wand – Shalalala