WPC: Spring!

Spring is the time to dream…

to be a kid and live a tree house
to be a kid and live a tree house
excitement and colors
for excitement and colors
to play all day
to play all day

I had a dream

Chased a sunbeam

As a kid

In spring

I did



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Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring!

Looking for wonders

Seen at Science Center NEMO in Amsterdam
Seen at Science Center NEMO

I finally found the opportunity to visit NEMO Science center. There’s a reason science museums are popular, they are always a lot of fun, with many technological things to touch and play with.

I only had one hour to race through all five floors of NEMO, the time just went too fast, and there’s one thing I know forgot to check out. On my way in I spotted a little boy crouched over some sort of hole in the floor by the entrance. I decided to try his point of view on my way out, but forgot all about until I found a picture of the moment on my camera. I wonder what he saw. . .