Creeping in broad nightlight

Maaan, I hate working evenings. It should be enjoyable. But it’s lonely, and I don’t get enough sleep. After finishing work around 11 PM, I spend hours watching Netflix, playing Sims 4 and (on good nights) reading books. Sometimes I annoy myself purple reading comment sections online, and I once found myself in a vertigo of belly dancing videos on Youtube.

Then I go to bed when other people get up, and hate life when I wake up in the afternoon, after slumbering my phone alarm for ever – not feeling rested.

I used to think I’m a B-person. Turns out I just love sleeping more than waking up early.

Tonight, I decided to have a walk under the midnight sun. The grey weather of the last weeks kind of made me forget the magic of living up north.

I enjoyed the bright night with my camera (Sony A7III), feeling kind of sneaky while photographing the houses in the neighborhood. If anyone saw me, they might have assumed I was planning a robbery. But all was quiet.

Whatever, spring

Oslo View- near central station - trams, traffic people
winter day in Oslo – mars 2013

Ice and snow in Oslo, feel free to fight spring for as long as you wish. I don’t care 😉

Oslo winter traffic
180 degree turn – same location

I’m once again packing my bags and getting ready for the adventure of my life. As usual, I’m both excited and slightly panicked. … What should I pack?! Have I thought of EVERYTHING? Probably not, so I’m distracting myself from worrying with sunny thoughts;

feet on sunny vacation - tenerife - 2012
these feet will feel the sun again very, very soon!


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