Fashion Sale Shopping

looking out @Årnes
looking out @Årnes

Best job ever – is how I would describe working for Fame (fashion boutique in Årnes, Norway) during the… (how can I translate it?) the Days of Årnes! A fun fair comes to town, all shops arrange sales and artists entertain in all of Årnes’ pubs and clubs (there are 3 of them in total).

Fun fun fun! Most shoppers didn’t mind being photographed. The sun was shining. I got so many new treasures that only thinking about my new outfits makes me smiiiiile 😀 😀

Check out the whole photo album here >>


FYI: I grew up in Årnes, but haven’t been there the last 2-3 years. Can you imagine the joy of spotting “old” classmates across the street? Although, most either didn’t recognize me, or couldn’t be bothered to raise their hand to wave. Go figure.

Happy New

Yes, I’ve been away. I’ve been sulking, you see. I’m still broke and without a job. And that makes me see grey.

But we’ve entered a new year now, and that I do like. I’m feeling hopeful and optimistic, rather cheery, actually.

I’m crazy about new beginnings. New Year means new opportunities to have fun, to drag all the clothes I plan on using ‘sometime’ out of the basement, to evolve and live and enjoy life!

2013 – So long and thanks for all the fish!!

2014 – Bring even more love, happiness and magical moments to everyone ❤

Oh, and talking about fish – guess who visited an atlantic-ocean-park during the holidays? Coming up >>>