The vacation galleries

The day has come!

As I left work today, I had this happy feeling in my tummy, called VACATION!

It will only last a week, but this I know: A week of vacation and traveling is worth many weeks of everyday life. My colleagues will barely notice that I’m gone, while I will feel that a lifetime has passed when I see them again.


I’m celebrating by packing and looking up my old traveling galleries ❤

Marked day, Seguin – Haiti
Freetown Christiania in Copenhagen
It always rains in Bergen
Boat-tripping in Turkey
Russian city-beach, Lipetzk ❤
Dreamy Havana
Bye bye, Holland

Where did you fly last time you got on a plane?


Do you have this one special friend that you have travelled a lot with? My partner in adventure is Caroline. We met studying journalism in the same class in Oslo back in… 2010. Wow. Time flies. Since that time, we’ve travelled to Haiti together, spent a semester studying in Amsterdam, been on vacation in Spain, Cuba, Russia…

Caroline has recently moved to Geneva for an internship, which is why I now can cross Switzerland off my traveling list (well, not really, I had only a couple of days to do sightseeing and I would love to see more of the country side and landscapes of Switzerland, and eat more chocolate and cheese – so I’ll gladly travel to Switzerland again!) and I want to say:

Here we are, the BFFs!
And here is Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations, in the same room as us.
I got to feel important under the famous ceiling in the Human Rights and Alliance of Civilizations Room.
Palace of Nations
Inside this building, Palace of Nations.

Thank you, Caroline, for continuing bringing adventure to my life!