Oslo karneval

These are some of the photos I took during Oslo Carnival. See the whole collection @ my FLICKR 😉

karneval-karl-johan-oslo karneval-oslo karneval-oslo Parade i Karl Johan, Oslo karneval 2015 gull og glitter-kostymer på Oslo karneval OsloKarneval

More about this event: Karneval i Oslo – Oslo Karneval 2015

These are some of the photos I took during Oslo Carnival. See the whole collection @ my FLICKR 😉



This blog recently turned two years, and I didn’t highlight the event in any way.

I’m so sorry, my darling (yes, sometimes I communicate directly with this blog, it’s my baby after all)! I’m the worst mama ever. How can redeem myself? I should give you a present, perhaps a new theme, oooh(!), or a domain!

I’ll make some grand gesture, just wait.

In the meantime, let’s reminiscence a bit.

2nd year

October 2014
October 2013
November 2013
November 2013
jack russell milli
December 2013
January 2014
January 2014
silver eyed horse
February 2014
March 2014
March 2014
April 2014
April 2014
May 2014
May 2014
EuroPride Parade 2014 in Oslo
June 2014
July 2014 - find the terrier tail!
July 2014 – find the terrier tail!
August 2014
August 2014
40.000 or so walked along the river.
September 2014

autumn sunmagic

clothespins in autumn lightclothespins in autumn lightclothespins in autumn lightclothespins in autumn light

I went out to do the weekly photo challenge, Refraction. If this tells you nothing, check out The Daily Post 😉

I solemnly swear to do the challenge every week from now on!

(or at least until the new year)

Because the world is even shinier through the viewfinder.

entering the dark season

I’ve been consumed with work lately. Written like that it might seem dreary for people who don’t enjoy their work, but for me: It’s WONDERFUL!

I only wish the days were longer… while they’re literally getting shorter. Høstjevndøgn in Norway falls on 23. September. It’s when the day and night are equally long. (Called equinox in English, according to Google Translate.)

And on the Thursday closest to this date, a magical event finds place to remind us that the dark season is full of light.

More about this event – yeah, #2lazy2write


shame on me

Turkey 2014

I do like Turkey. It’s different and exciting. Turkey’s history is rich and interesting. The food is amazing – who would have though Turkish Cuisine is one of my favorites? The nature is beautiful: Mountains, sun and turquoise ocean.

However, I will not be returning to Turkey for a while.

Why? I got tricked and cheated too many times. And it hasn’t become funny, yet. I wish I was too stupid to discover all the different tricks I’ve fallen for. Feeling like a gullible cow is never fun, especially not on vacation abroad, where you wish to meet everyone with a smile and an open mind.

No wonder most stores in Kemer are empty – I will most certainly never step inside a Turkish shop again. Unless EVERYTHING is priced BEFORE I enter.

Pewh. I had to get it out. I also feel the need the to write this: Never book an excursion with HERO TOUR. They promise you a bunch of stuff you never get and laugh at you when you point it out to their operators.

AND NOW – Behold the view of the ancient city swallowed by the waters:

as seen trough the "glass bottom" boat
as seen trough the “glass bottom” boat 😉



phony summer vol.1

I feel the need to write something too

My Facebook feed is bouncing from drowning me with all the sad stories of the world to bathing me with sunlight. The summer in Norway has been incredibly sunny and warm this year, a phenomena most Norwegians have managed to share on FB, in one way or another. Dream summer – drømmesommer. And it lasts, while my feed otherwise grows darker.

What will I remember of this period? The flowering parks and afternoon barbecues, or the distant wars and fleeting moments of melancholy?

Two things are certain: I had a higher opinion of people in general when we couldn’t comment and share news stories, and I felt the world was a better place before I started following the news.

The more you know…