Welcome to Bøkfjord lighthouse

Honestly, I thought I might faint climbing up and down hills to get to this place.

But the struggles were worth it.

Also, we found tons of blueberries on the way!

Some facts:

This lighthouse, on the south side of Varangerfjorden, was established in 1910 as a result of growing traffic connected to the mining activities in Kirkenes.

During the 2nd World War, German troops took over the lighthouse, and before they retreated in 1944, the whole station was demolished.

When it was rebuilt after the war, it was given a modern, functionalistic style by the famous architects Blasted and Munthe-Kaas.

Bøkfjord was de-manned in 2006.

The view
Spectacular hike in Northern Norway…

The station is owned by the state and protected as a national monument under the Cultural Heritage Act.

The Coastal Administration is cooperating with local interests to facilitate alternative use of the premises, meaning: You can book it for a night!

Breakfast at Bøkfjord lighthouse
Breakfast at Bøkfjord lighthouse.

And if you don’t have the power to walk to this pearl of a place, you can call for a boat. As we did on the way back (not because of the «power issue» – some of us had to catch a flight in the afternoon, and boating back seemed safer than walking in order to make it to the airport in time).

Boat by Bøkfjord lighthouse
Hoho, got picked up by boat!

As the Norwegian saying goes: Everybody agreed it had been a nice trip.

leaving alta

It seems that my time in Alta is coming to an end, but I am not leaving the north. I’m moving to Kirkenes, the mysterious city that lured me up north in the first place. Kirkenes is special because it lies right next to the Russian border, and the street signs there are written both in Norwegian and Russian. The times I’ve visited, I’ve heard Russian language everywhere. The first time I went to Kirkenes for work, I was surprised to see a Russian marked pop up at the square one moring. From my hotel window I observed a group of babushkas set up tables and tents. Apparently, they come to town every month to sell wares like socks, matreshkas, shawls, porcelain and so on.

I think Kirkenes will be a very exciting place to be a news journalist with Russian background.

I do feel a wave of melancholia when I understand that I’m moving from Alta. This city with it’s 20.000 inhabitants, and the magnificent nature that surrounds it, was the place where I got to experience a lot of things for the very first time. I’ve seen the northern lights dance in the sky. Alta is where I earned my stripes as a journalist. I found love here, and good friends too. I’ve tried steering a dog sled with huskies, driving a snowmobile and going slalom downhill. I learned to make the traditional dish of this region – Finnbiff. It has all been exciting, exotic and intense.

I can’t believe three years have gone since I left Oslo. It feels like a lifetime, but also like the blink of an eye. How can it be three years?!

My first home in the north, where I finally got to fulfill my dream of owning flowerbeds.
People have lived in Alta since prehistoric times. I get why. It’s beautiful place.

Speaking of Northern Lights…. But a photo could never do this phenomenon justice, unless you could print it as large as the sky… And make it dance.

Finnmarksløpet – the longest dog-sled race in Europe, starts in Alta and I had front row seats.

Perlemorsky over Finnmark
I’m in love with the arctic sky. I hope it’s equally beautiful in Kirkenes.

What is Human Design?

– Did you see the devil in the corner?

My heart froze for a second before I realized Nina was asking about the plush doll she had placed above the curtain rails. I thought the kitty was cute and noticed how it looked kind of homemade when I first saw it. Now all I see is horns.

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The curse of a small town

Everyone sees everything.

You will know what I’m talking about if your town has one street, one shopping centre, one pub, one club, one… well, only one option for pretty much everything. And if you have an ex – then you will get the dangers of leaving your house.

You can have a normal day until you see your ex’s car (which there is only one of around here) drive up to the parking lot in front of the mall, with a female passenger who reaches to his shoulder when he hugs her on the way in.

You might stay inside on a Saturday night, but your friends will not. And they will tell how intimately he danced with her, before sending you a message in the early morning hours, asking if you are awake. I was not awake, fortunately.

So I didn’t blog yesterday. It took me approximately one minute to find The New Girl on Facebook and become utterly depressed. She’s gorgeous. I tried drowning my sorrows in ice cream and watched Netflix.

green barbie
Is it stalking if it only takes one minute?

Today, I’m trying to focus on how I’m doing quite fine in the moment, and not stress about the mistakes of the past, the future or other people. I’m trying to focus on me… I want to do something nice for myself.

I’m washing my clothes and cleaning my room. Again >_<

Maybe you have some good advice for me, Great Internet. What can I do to feel better?

(PS: Nobody must see me.)

(NO:) Midtnattsol – jetlag effekt

midt på natten

Jeg trodde ikke midnattsolen kom til å ha noen spesiell effekt på meg. Man har jo “hvite netter” i Oslo også. Sommernettene har vært lyse så lenge jeg kan huske.

Dermed er jeg skikkelig overrasket over at det å leve under midnattsolen, ligner en hel del på å ha jetlag. Jeg blir ikke trøtt. Klokken kan være tolv og føles som åtte.


Jeg røyker mye og elsker fest! Når jeg flytter, bringer jeg min lille hest! Oh yeah. Noen som har en ledig bolig?

PS. Stolt eier av en bongotromme.

Når man sitter med nesa i boligannonser virker verden full av dyre- og barnehatere, festmotstandere og manikere med støv på hjernen. Hva skjer med at folk virker så pripne når de skal leie ut leiligheten sin? Jeg vet at jeg i bunn og grunn er en perfekt leietaker, men jeg blir litt engstelig når ordene som går igjen i nettannonsene er som følger:

-ikke røyk
-ikke dyr
-ikke fest
-ikke bråk
-ingen navgaranti

Alle vil ha “rolige ordensfolk”. Jeg skjønner på en måte hvorfor man har slike krav til en leietaker, men det virker så ekskluderende der det står sort på hvitt, i den ene annonsen etter den andre.

Du blir sikkert litt forvirret nå: “Hva er det hun snakker om?” – Anno 2015 finnes det jo nærmest ingen boligannonser fra Alta på verken Finn eller Hybel.no.

Jeg ble lettere sjokkert første gangen jeg skulle se etter leilighet på nett. På Finn.no var det til sammen TRE Alta-annonser. Så fikk jeg et tips, og dagen etter hadde jeg funnet bolig:

Det er på Facebook det skjer!

I gruppen jeg lenker til, yrer det av aktivitet. Hvorfor betale Finn penger, når man kan bruke Facebook gratis? Jeg lurer på hvordan altafolk bruker sosiale medier i andre sammenhenger. Jeg har allerede funnet en gruppe som tilsvarer torget på Finn, med bud i kommentarfeltene. Jeg følger det hele med argusøyne (jeg må tross alt møblere min fremtidige bolig også)…