Hello, visitor! It’s nice of you to be curious about me J

My name is Ksenia Novikova. I’m a journalist who lives in the very north of Norway. The winters here are long and dark, while the summers seem like one long day because the sun doesn’t set. I love it.

I’m currently working for the Norwegian Barents Secretariat, a governmental organization that supports all kinds of cooperation between the people who live in the north of Norway and Russia, helping in developing this region. My job is telling stories and documenting all the interesting events and projects that we are a part of, and it involves quite a lot traveling.

Moving up north four years ago is the greatest adventure of my life. I was born in Russia, but I grew up in Norway. Now I live right next to the border between these two, but the world seems borderless.

This is my personal blog, a place of random glimpses into my past; mostly through my camera lens, sometimes written down in words. I’ve had this blog for some years now. My most recurring blog topic is probably how it’s been forever since I posted anything here.





I’m a journalist in my late twenties.

I live in the very north of Norway.

I love it.

Skjermbilde 2018-04-14 kl. 23.41.51.png

Name: You should know by now!
Current location: Alta
Age: 26


Name: Hard Worker
Current location: Oslo
Age: 25

2014 – Drammen

Name: No changes (trying to fix it tho).
Current location: Drammen/Haiti
Age: 24

Name: Unemployed Journalist
Current Location: Limbo
Age: 23

2013 – Drammen

Name: Same
Current location: Oslo
Age: 23

2012 – Diemen

Name: Ksenia Novikova
Current location: Amsterdam
Age: 22

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113 thoughts on “About”

  1. Well the pink eye-glasses do stand out 🙂
    Read up your story #81, and I must admit, what an innovative idea 🙂 50 word stories.
    Lovely blog 🙂

  2. Thank you for liking my post Christmas.You have an awesome blog.Wishing you a joyous new year.jalal

  3. Hey bestie! Odd question, I’m doing a link exchange with a web design company and making sort of friends section on my little about page, and I was wondering if I could include a link to you’re blog on there so they’re not all lonely on there?

  4. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and liking my photo! I appreciate it very much. You have a nice blog and I look forward to following your posts. 😀

  5. thanx 4 dropping by the baytoonawdaw labyrinth (or izzit a “morass”?) — however, your “space” is definitely labyrinthine and i plan on returning to get lost therein (true about the pink glasses, BTW)

  6. Hiiii Pretty lady, 😀
    Though there isn’t page in h about page still I smell some awesomeness here. 😉
    After travelling in my cute scooty at your end
    😀 I duscovered a beautiful blog wid sum gr8 posts n ofcourse lovely photography.
    Thanks for stumbling across my blog so I could find you in the wide sea of bloggers.
    Shall remain in touch.
    Love. 🙂

      1. Ah! And I don’t know if I’ve said this yet, but HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY! And thanks for being a wonderful friend and pen pal 🙂

  7. What a unique blog. Love the idea of capturing memory moments as life IS made of moments which I always believe. Looking forward for more moments of yours.

  8. Thank you so much for blog and thank you so much for visiting my blog. Just e few month left for me I am priparing sail solo around the world soon in SAN JUAN 24-foot sailboat from the west coast of USA

  9. your blog stands out in a way i can’t explain. awesome comes to mind, but it’s so an overused word that i don’t want to say it this time around.

      1. That’s too cool. It just amazes me how the internet has made this world such a small place. So interesting to find someone who has actually been to a place I was born in.

  10. wow!
    You have great photos in here 🙂
    Thanks for visiting my blogsite and for liking some of my posted photos. very much appreciated.

    happy blogging,

  11. Your Baby Fisheye 110 post seems to have disappeared but I just wanted to say thanks for posting that. Your photos so impressed me I just ordered one! Can’t wait to try it.

  12. Thanks so mcuh for stopping by and liking my ‘Word a Week Challenge – Colour’ post. Your support is appreciated. You have some lovely work here yourself – I look forward to exploring it more in the future 🙂

  13. Thank you so much for the follow, Ksenia. I bet you’re glad to be back, and you’ll have many interesting thoughts now as you compare Haiti to where you are now. Good luck in the next phase of your journey, whatever it is!

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