Hooray, the sun is back to stay

We’re in the season of sunny nights. The snow is still lingering around many places, but when the sun is shining 24/7 and the thermometer is showing two digit numbers, I think we are seeing the last of it.

People can now meet up in groups since Norway has lifted many of the corona restrictions. After many weeks of social distancing and self isolation, I guess we just needed an occasion to get social and celebrate the fact that we can.

Then came a birthday. Hooray!


birthday party, liza 2020

5 thoughts on “Hooray, the sun is back to stay”

  1. Happy birthday to the birthday girl. Double-digit temps in the land of the midnight sun? Wow. While our nighttime temps still fell below freezing a couple of nights last week, our daytime temps are approaching triple-digits.

    1. Thank you! The weather is fantastic these days! But Timothy, are we both talking about celcius degrees now? I’ts currently 16℃ here in Kirkenes, and since the sun doesn’t set, the night temperatures are not much lower 🙂

      1. I was talking F. 16ºC is comfortable, probably feels quite warm for you.

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