Ulyanovsk // Simbirsk

Slightly hangover, we grabbed some of the wedding bouquets (obviously for photo-ops) and left Imperial Club Deluxe to discover Ulyanovsk city..

I got to go to Ulyanovsk for the fairytale wedding I wrote about previously. It was a get-in-get-out operation. I would have loved staying longer, but since I had business to attend in Norway, I only got one day to explore the city of Lenin.

Sunday stroll in Ulyanovsk.

It was originally named Simbirsk, but was renamed in the honor of Vladimir Lenin (born Ulyanov), after his death in 1924. Simbirsk was also the birthplace of another famous Russian revolutionary, Alexander Kerensky, who’s government was actually overthrown by Lenin in the October Revolution. It’s interesting to think about how two such prominent political figures of that time came from the same city.

Ulyanovsk lies 850 kilometers southwest of Moscow, along the bank of Volga, the longest river in Europe. Volga is widely regarded as the national river of Russia and the historic cradle of the Russian state. Volga’s immense economic, cultural and historic importance, rank it among the world’s great rivers.

Strike your best Volga-pose.

The time was short, but I got to buy a magnet and I made this video (in Russian):

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