In the darkest hour they arrived

Traveling to a new place is always exciting, even more so when you’re arriving in the middle of the night with no one coming to pick you up.

Fortunately I’m not entirely on my own. I’m traveling with wonderful Caroline, my best friend and partner when it comes to exotic adventures. She is actually the main reason for why we are going to Kenya. Caroline is writing a master paper about how Kenya has prohibited plastic bags – while I just tag along. I’ve never been to Africa or seen a giraffe before, and I desperately needed a vacation. Deciding to join Carol was easy.

And this is how we came to be at Jomo Kenyatta Int. Airport at 02:00 AM.

(No photos from these moments, because I really didn’t feel like packing up my camera).

You can imagine we were somewhat stressed concerning how to get to Nairobi city. It turned out the the airport is prepared for travelers like us. In some 15 minutes we got ourselves Kenyan SIM cards, local money and a taxi to the apartment where we are staying for the next couple of days.

Check out all the elephants on the cash! I wonder what other money pictures they have over here!

I’m guessing this little story is about how you shouldn’t worry, especially when your sole reason for worrying is that you don’t know any better, or lack knowledge or experience.

Trust the world and the people in it – everything works out 😉

One thought on “In the darkest hour they arrived”

  1. I love it!!! If I’m repeating myself just ignore me…I’m going to Malawi in November for a Habitat build. I am so excited. Nairobi will be just a plane change.

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