What is Human Design?

– Did you see the devil in the corner?

My heart froze for a second before I realized Nina was asking about the plush doll she had placed above the curtain rails. I thought the kitty was cute and noticed how it looked kind of homemade when I first saw it. Now all I see is horns.


Ah, roomies and the devils they bring along…

I first heard about Human Design from Nina. It sounded quite basic at first, like astrology where you type in the date and time of your birth, and get a profile. The idea is that most people don’t know follow their human design, which in turn leads them to unhappiness.

If you are hooked, simply google “human design” and you will find various sites where you can type in your data. You will get a map, mine looked like this:

Skjermbilde 2017-08-11 kl. 00.22.44

Now, you can pay to dive into learning about your profile in-depth at once, or you can search your way around the internet for some free information first.

My profile is 3/5. In Human Design the 3rd line is called the Martyr and the 5th line is called the Heretic. Heavy, right?

A are some quick notes about my profile (I will check this out more later), from Jovian ArchiveDiscover Your Design. Live Your Life.

Line 5 Heretic: Universalization

“Direct and overt challenge to norms.”

  • A life of adventure and resilience
  • Learning through different experiences
  • hey will make mistakes, but their life experiences will enrich their lives and yours

Line 3 Martyr: Adaption

“The futile rejection of standards based on a just awareness”

  • Power and leadership potential
  • They look outside the box and challenge traditional values in order to universalize something new
  • Should learn how be a master of the projection field

My strategy in life should be to respond, according to this system.

So I’m not sure what all of this means, but it sounds intriguing and freaky and like something I want to learn more about. Because the idea of a design I can follow to make the right decisions in life, simply appeals that much.

All the profiles can be found here at Jovian Archive. This site was picked at random because I like it. When I return to this topic, I will probably explore another site.

I have certain goals this year, and Human Design seems like a good place to start on the road to self discovery.

Nina’s cat is always watching me…

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