Hello Hello, new autumn

It’s that time of the year again, another autumn of new beginnings has come.

I find myself in the beginning of my third year in arctic Norway. 70° north is not quite the North Pole, but I find it pretty exotic.

September i Kirkenes

I moved here because I got a job for a local division of the national broadcaster. And even though it’s 2000 km away from my mom, my friends and everything I knew: I decided to migrate up north.

This is me in a bearcave.

I felt ready for change. I said farewell to Oslo and my life there, thinking that moving away from the capital with it’s a fifth share of the country’s population and pretty much everything else, at the very least would teach me something.

Skjermbilde 2017-08-07 kl. 21.54.03.png
My home in Oslo.

Well, I was thinking way more grandiose than that to be honest. Wouldn’t you fantasize about starting over as a whole new you, if you were about to turnover your life? I guess you wouldn’t, not if you are happy with your patterns.


The last two years have been partly an adventure, just the way a like it, and a mess at other times. This is not a story about those times.

When it storms.

Sometimes I feel programmed to think of my future in three year terms, which makes this final year, while I’m no closer to finding the serenity I seeked when I moved up here. Translation: I did not learn mountain climbing, I did not write a book and I still have no clue how I can travel around the world as a multimedia artist, following my dreams…

And so, my Final Year journal begins. Perhaps it’s time to find out what I want to do further with my life? Or even better: Start living the life I want and the one I’m used to?

Good luck, me!

H-appy new autumn!

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