shame on me

Turkey 2014

I do like Turkey. It’s different and exciting. Turkey’s history is rich and interesting. The food is amazing – who would have though Turkish Cuisine is one of my favorites? The nature is beautiful: Mountains, sun and turquoise ocean.

However, I will not be returning to Turkey for a while.

Why? I got tricked and cheated too many times. And it hasn’t become funny, yet. I wish I was too stupid to discover all the different tricks I’ve fallen for. Feeling like a gullible cow is never fun, especially not on vacation abroad, where you wish to meet everyone with a smile and an open mind.

No wonder most stores in Kemer are empty – I will most certainly never step inside a Turkish shop again. Unless EVERYTHING is priced BEFORE I enter.

Pewh. I had to get it out. I also feel the need the to write this: Never book an excursion with HERO TOUR. They promise you a bunch of stuff you never get and laugh at you when you point it out to their operators.

AND NOW – Behold the view of the ancient city swallowed by the waters:

as seen trough the "glass bottom" boat
as seen trough the “glass bottom” boat 😉



14 thoughts on “shame on me”

    1. Ah, I wish I knew them all >_< but I don't! I would however not recommend trusting sweet, old men, even if they look a little bit like your late grandpa. Those grandpas can make mistakes while chatting away with you, such as charging your debit card twice…
      And never believe something you want to buy is exclusive to the shop (or city or situation) that you're in. If someone has managed to give you that expression, it might mean that you are about to be robbed 😉
      I have to think and travel some more before I attempt writing a real guide to "Haggling Like A Pro While Avoiding Tourist Traps" – Brace your self! 😀 (ps-love what you did with the A there 😉 )

    1. Oh wow, where to begin. The last nail on the coffin was the excursion with Hero Tour. The excursion was sold as an opportunity to see historical sights, such as an ancient city under the water. Dinner and a ride on a glass-bottom boat were included. So I bought it and found myself trapped inside a bus for a whole day (of six vacation days) that went from one souvenir shop to the next. For a whole day. The included food was horrible, and you get an idea of the ancient sights from the last pic I posted. Also, I bought something, a granat-juice thingy for myself and as present for my mom, in one of the shops where the bus stopped. In the evening I found the same ware in the super market closest to my hotel, for a fourth of the price I paid. … That’s the _short_ story 😛 thanks for asking 😉

    1. Actually, I really want to visit Istanbul. I have a friend there 😀 But I think I’ve seen enough of Tourist-Turkey (those small towns where only tourists stay) for a while..

  1. I can’t believe they advertised that as a glass bottom boat! Do they have no shame? You poor thing! I hope in time you can laugh about it. At least you know you like the country. Maybe you can consider returning when you’ve found a better way to explore it! x

  2. Wow, that’s quite the exhibit you got there… Seems like a country which would be best visited accompanied by a trusted local… (Kind of like Vietnam where we would let my father handle the haggling alone, because as a vietnamese, he gets starting prices that are half the ones given to tourists in the first place, and even on top of that he usually gets more of a discount…)

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