My Favourite Backyard

I haven’t really presented this place properly, while seeing how many posts I’ve published from this exact spot – an introduction is long time due!

I call it my "recreational garden"
I call it my “recreational garden”

I used to live in one of the yellow buildings surrounding this backyard. Now, I live in Drammen, but I’m still hanging out here a lot. Not only because of the flowers.


Ah, Magnolia. How nice is that? There is the man who makes the flower magic happen:

see the gardener between magnolias?
see the gardener between the magnolias?

Somehow, summer arrived Oslo in April this year. I’m not complaining! I’ve been feeling like on summer vacation for the last couple of days. I’ve been reading many books in my personal little park, yes 😀

I wonder who've been watching me from all those windows!
I wonder who’ve been watching me from all those windows…

Apart from those slightly paranoid thoughts, life is quite fantastic!




8 thoughts on “My Favourite Backyard”

  1. Ah! The small mercies of life!! Here in Calcutta, we have a very pleasant 40 degree celsius!! Perfect temperature for getting roasted evenly! 😀 Sigh! Oslo looks so pleasant! Beautiful photos! 🙂

  2. beatuiful indeed, i understand why it’s your favourite backyard… it looks so nice and calm, a great place to relax 🙂

  3. In The Netherlands the weather has been very summery for the last couple of months now too. Though I haven’t been spending much time outside! After my holiday next week I have some time off at home as well, I’ll try to go outside more then! 🙂 Thanks for the lovely view into your world.

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