It’s a fishy world!

Have you ever tried snorkeling? Was your craving for a waterproof camera only rivaled by the discomfort of seeing the foreign world under the sea?

Maybe it’s just me. I guess I’m a little afraid of fishes and everything underwater. Like, when I tried snorkelling in Egypt (ages ago): I was in a group following a guide, slightly nervous, sea animals are weird and I had never really given any thought to whose water I’ve been swimming in before. And then our guide goes ahead and digs out a bag of fish food from his swimming trunks, turning ALL THE FISHES’ ATTENTION TOWARD US!!

Puh, I’m still recovering. My recent encounter with fish was not anywhere near that frightful. The fishes were swimming peacefully in their enormous aquariums, with me on the other side of the glass, safe! With my camera 😀

Where: Ålesund Aquarium

smart penguins
smart penguins

(pssst, can you spot elPadawan among them?)

My first encounter with penguins 😀 They are so cute!! #penguinlover


i even found the fish-ksenia! this is me :

happy yellow fish

and this is julita:

fashion fish

we met and discussed ocean fashion 😀

two happy fish


Introducing: Ling Nemo, Mustached Blue Fish

PSST, do you see a you-fish?? 

23 thoughts on “It’s a fishy world!”

  1. Dude these pics are super awesome and I did go snorkeling a couple of times and when I saw a few schools of fish here and there it wasn’t a problem but when a bunch of sea life was swimming around me totally freaked me out! But it was a great experience very cool 🙂 I love those penguin pics.

  2. Went snorkeling once in Grand Cayman Islands. I was okay with all the fish swimming around, and we got to explore a reef and shipwreck. Which was nice, but when I saw this eel looking thing in the reef I was out of there faster than you can say “EEK!”.

  3. I went snorkeling for the first time this past Christmas. Problem with a mustache is that the mask doesn’t seal completely and we were forced to wear life jackets near the reef. Other than that. I am hooked. Me I think I’m a blue fish. Your images are, as The Guat, put it, AWESOME

    1. hihi! thank you, mustached blue fish!! You do know your little snorkeling “problem” can be easily fixed? :-{I :–)
      (just kidding)

  4. Love these photos, because I love being underwater with the fishies! I think I shall have to look back on your photos from time to time since I won’t be diving for months. I have had some amazing encounters with very curious marine creatures. I bet you did, too, at the aquarium. Best, Maggie

    1. thank youu 😀 and you are SO brave! DIVING!!! or maybe we don’t share the same fears 😮 either way, I’m very flattered that you enjoyed the post :-3 ❤

  5. I love the tiny sea star on the glass in front of all the fish! A star of orange over a sea of blue! And that the fellow feeding the penguins is dressed to suit!
    It seams like a wonderful time. I love the things in the water (Owing in part to that I lived in a cabin on a beach for almost a year after college.)

  6. When I saw the head photo, I just wanted to scream “Nemo!”. But then I started reading, and now I’m all “awww”!! You thought of me & found me in the aquarium through tones of other fishes! That’s so sweet! 🙂 And I’m black & white! Obviously! 😉 Looks like we had fun discussing ocean fashion :P. As for you, I absolutely love the way you’re ocean-styled! You’re a fancy little fish!

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