Happy New

Yes, I’ve been away. I’ve been sulking, you see. I’m still broke and without a job. And that makes me see grey.

But we’ve entered a new year now, and that I do like. I’m feeling hopeful and optimistic, rather cheery, actually.

I’m crazy about new beginnings. New Year means new opportunities to have fun, to drag all the clothes I plan on using ‘sometime’ out of the basement, to evolve and live and enjoy life!

2013 – So long and thanks for all the fish!!

2014 – Bring even more love, happiness and magical moments to everyone ❤

Oh, and talking about fish – guess who visited an atlantic-ocean-park during the holidays? Coming up >>>



    • Thank you 😀 Happy new year, my friend! I know 2013 has had many sad moments for you, and hope you’ll have less of those in the year ahead, but lots and lots of happiness ❤

      • My happiness started end os September and is continuing ever since.I hope you will happiness and success very soon in finding your dream job,regards your fiend from the lower Rhine Area,Hanno.

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