1 Year? Year?!

Something magnificent

I realized this morning that I would have to publish a spectacular post today because this notification ticked into my phone:


Ett år har gått siden denne bloggen ble opprettet. Litt mimring hører med!

Can you believe it? A year! Can one picture say it all? I don’ believe it can, this has been such an incredible year. I have decided that some reminiscing is in order.

Seen at Science Center NEMO in Amsterdam
Seen at Science Center NEMO – about a year ago – Amsterdam

This blog was born in Amsterdam where I was studying International Journalism. Oh, Amsterdam, I miss you so – crazy, beautiful city. One day I will return!

Then there was Christmas in Lille

My birthday…

And before I knew it, I was back in Oslo.

But not for long, since I had to go abroad to write a feature story for my exam. I ended up in the most amazing and extraordinary place: Haiti.

(Stopping in Cuba on the way home…)



*more dread*

😀 😀 😀 😀        A         😀 😀 😀 😀

And USA  >>>>>>

Also, somewhere between writing my exam paper and planning my journey to USA, I managed to move to Drammen, the most cozy town. It rests by a river in a mountain valley and I have a view from my balcony, need I say more? My furry BFF likes her new place of residence very much too!

I’m still settling in, really, Drammen needs exploring! And I will be taking my camera and you with me. But that’s in the future, while this post is all about the year that has gone. And there one last important journey that needs to be mentioned – The Annual Russian Trip.

And thus a WordPress Year has passed. I’ve been a little depressed lately because I’m unemployed, bored and broke, but looking back at the amazing times I’ve had quite recently has helped me remember what a fortunate person I am. I will just sit tight, enjoy my freedom and wait to shine again. Thank you for staying with me!

Entering Year 2!

Dancers behind the scenes

19 thoughts on “1 Year? Year?!”

  1. I have enjoyed the journey. Congratulations and don’t be disheartened. We visited Norway last year for a not so good family reason, but loved the country. All the best!

  2. What a terrific year you have had-and such wonderful photos to remember it by-I love the bottom photograph–anticipation? excitement? what’s next? It will all work out for you-here’s to another year of memorable photographs-

  3. Super Post well done .I really enjoy the pictures you have shared and shared before ,funny that I was with you for quite a while on your journey,thanks for showing and reminding me again,rgs.Hanno

  4. Congrats, what a fantastic year! I think I discovered your blog somewhere half through (round Haiti), and look forward to see what happens next. And congrats to us followers too, that you have your camera and share your photos with us all. Don’t worry, all will be fine, you do well in being grateful for the past year. Keep up the mood and the good work!

  5. thanks for the like of my ‘Saturday Night’ but what a journey you have had! I hope things are working out for you; I love your animal pics. Cuteness overload? Oh, yes please!

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