The longest journey

outside the train window

Russian railroads are quite famous, especially the one that goes across Sibir. I didn’t travel quite that far; it takes 23 hours to travel St. Petersburg-Lipetsk, not really the longest journey at all. Although it does feel like it when all the lights go off at 22.30, making reading impossible. Apart from that, train is my favourite way of travelling. It’s like a large moving sleeping hall. The ridiculously overpriced candy wagon drives by sometimes, and there are some few opportunities to go off the train for ice cream and beer at longer stops, but otherwise it’s a quiet and monotonous ride. With no internet. Precious time to read, think and write while the landscape flows by outside the window.

Noen bilder fra toget mellom St. Petersburg og Lipetsk.

on the railroad seen from train window
a stop in yelets

18 thoughts on “The longest journey”

  1. It has always been on my bucket list to do the trip from Moscow to Vladivostok by the trans-Siberian railways!! I actually am (uncharacteristically) a wee bit jealous of you! 🙂

  2. I have to admit, since living in Germany, I find the train very convenient for travelling. I only wish I could actually do something (like read!) on the train without getting worse travel sickness than I already do! =(

  3. Hello,
    I like your blog tremendously. I am your silent reader for quite a while before I followed you officially. Your pictures are simply brilliant and I tried my very best to learn from your pictures. That is also why I think you deserve to be nominated as ‘Very Inspiring Blog Award’. You can check it here

    Keep on inspiring us 😉

    1. I got tremendous joy from reading your comment – I basically wish I could hug you right now, as it turned my day instantly wonderful! Thank you for the praise 🙂

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