city of dead


It’s customary to bring something to the table when you visit someone in Russia, also when you visit your dead. Notice how many graves in the photo are furnished with tables and benches? Mom and I brought some pirogs (Russian pie – пирог) with cabbage and potatoes with us when we visited grandfather. And we planted lilies – a beautiful and quiet day.

Når du går på besøk til noen i Russland er det høflig å bringe noe til bordet. Så da vi gikk for å besøke bestefar var posene fylt med både mat og blomster. Myndighetene har for øvrig bedt folk å ikke etterlate mat på gravplasser siden det tiltrekker skadedyr, så mor og jeg spiste alle kål- og potetbollene selv mens vi sendte varme tanker til morfar.

Du er fortsatt elsket og savnet.

hope you enjoy the lilies!
hope you enjoy the lilies!

16 thoughts on “city of dead”

  1. So very interesting to see a cemetery in another part of the world and to know customs related to them. Beautiful pictures. Wonderful post. Your grandfather would be pleased.

  2. Intersting to see what other cultures do.
    May I ask – do you leave the food there? Or do you take it back home with you?
    Great post and unusual pictures.
    Have a very HAPPY week! 🙂

    1. People used to leave food, but were asked to stop doing that because it attracted unwanted animals.. most graves have a small shot glass right next to them though, and it’s filled with something blank – might be rain.. might be vodka 😀

      1. Thanks – that answers a couple of questions.
        Heard about the Vodka part before 😉 and I really like that.
        I go and visit a grave every once in a while and although I am not Russian, I take a miniature bottle of bubbly with me – have a couple of sips and pour the rest over the grave… 🙂

  3. There is something very special taking photos of graveyards, isn’t there? You can sometimes lose yourself just pointing your camera to somebody’s grave and afterwards realis how weird you look from outside. Been there:) Good ones, great combination of colours (and feelings). 🙂

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