Some Changes


I worry that I’m not using my Norwegian enough. What if I one day wake up to find it rusty? I’ll try to make a sentence, try and describe something, but it will come crooked and clumsy. Ops, that’s already happening. So from now I’ll be writing in Norwegian too. It will be especially important now, since I’m quite sure that Milli, the star of this blog this week, doesn’t master English very well. Ah, I’m so fortunate to have her now that summer has finally arrived Norway. Milli forces me to enjoy the weather at least three times a day. Thank you, my furry BFF.

Milli in action

Today, we’ve been exploring Drammen.

Det er vakkert å ha hund i Drammen, spesielt i disse dager (heldige meg som får leke hundeeier i nettopp denne tiden!). Sommeren er endelig her, og jeg har en liten Jack Russell som tvinger meg til å nyte finværet minst tre ganger om dagen. I dag har vi utforsket Drammen by.

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21 thoughts on “Some Changes”

  1. I feel the same way about my Cantonese and English! And the annoying thing is, I don’t think my German is improving at the same rate as my Cantonese and English are regressing!

    1. In that way a language is really like math – if you don’t use it you forget it 😦 I was studying in Amsterdam when I started this blog and thought it would be good to write in English outside of school… but now… Do you ever consider adding some sentences in your mother language in every post, also for old friends and relatives? I’m considering adding some sentences in Russian too eventually, but I worry it might be too much. What do you think? 🙂

      1. Well I can’t type in Chinese, and I already write my blog in English. I did consider writing a few bits and pieces in German, but I’m a perfectionist, and I know my German won’t be perfect, and that irks me before I even start! But I’ve seen lots of blogs that write their posts in different languages, so if that’s something you want to do, I say go for it! =)

  2. Great photos. Love the selfie in the chrome sphere. And your dog is cute.

    Love Norway. Been to Hammerfest and all over the fjords. Watched the Northern Lights dance laying on a hillside in Hammerfest. It was still winter but for some reason, I did not feel cold.

    I tried learning Norwegian, would spend about an hour a day with a friend practicing. Didn’t get very good at it. LOL

    Keep up the wonderful work.

    1. thank youu 🙂 Never been to Hammerfest, or that far North actually :-/ But one day I will! The landscapes in Norway are fantastic! And Norwegian is hard, no wonder you didn’t succeed 😛 how long were you staying here?

      1. I was in Norway for about 3 months the first time, and 2 months the second. I love it.

        I still have the photos from when I was there. I even fell in love with a woman from Hammerfest. We wrote to each other for about 2 years after meeting.

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