Disney World Orlando

Disney World Orlando Cinderella's Castle
Magic Kingdom – Disney World Orlando

Four parks in two days! We’re talking blisters, rain and a lot of fun. I wish I could do it all over again! There were lines, of course, but the rain must have kept the masses down. The only places with unbearably long waiting time were the nice restaurants – eatable food is hard to find in Disney World. Luckily it’s possible to run on Disney Magic fuel for while.

I wish I had taken more pictures, but I was busy acting like a five year old. Unfortunately ‘Transform to a Disney Princess’ was only available for the small kids between 3-12. I couldn’t fool the castle guard. :-/

Animal Kingdom


Hollywood Studios

Magic Kingdom

12 thoughts on “Disney World Orlando”

  1. Wow! I cannot believe that there were so few people there! You definitely lucked out =D. And love your clean and clear photos…quite lovely!

  2. SUCH lovely pics (especially liked the one with you eating the mickey ice cream (I think)). Just curious, which park captivated you the most? I just LOVED Epcot, myself…all those different “worlds.”

  3. Ok, now I envy you! This must have been super fun!! Screw the photos, let’s play!! 😀

    But my favorite shot is the one with you smiling. You’re such a lovely & warm girl.

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