Cuban Street Art

Traffic & graffiti in Cuba

This post should have happened long ago, and now it’s definitely time to to share some street art from Havana – because new journeys are ahead! Ah, Life!

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14 thoughts on “Cuban Street Art”

  1. These are great photos! Thanks for sharing them and thanks for liking my post. Sally

  2. But, then again. as they say, “Better late than never!” 🙂 The city seems to have a retro feel to it, which is kinda romantic! 🙂 wonderfully captured…

  3. Whoa~! This is very amazing! Even more amazing, you have been there! I am not shocked, actually, you have always loved to travel, he, he ! The street art looks wonderful, I bet you have seen so much great art~!

  4. Very art and composition in your photo’s of a place we do not see much of. The impoverished state makes for a kind of romantic feeling but I wonder how life is there? I hate to get political but it reminds me of the quote by Margaret Thatcher “Socialism is great until you run out of other peoples money.” Thanks for the share.

  5. When were you in Cuba? I’ve always been curious about it. some of my European relatives were able to visit easily some years ago. Thanks for sharing these pics – let’s hope that US-Cuban relations can improve to a point where we can more easily travel there.

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