Almost home

The airport in Moscow is very nice – there’s internet connection here! And now that the duty free-shops have been explored I’m happy to be online! Junkie-happy ☆★♡♥
So, since last time…








16 thoughts on “Almost home”

  1. Now that’s one car (the green one) worth bringing back home!! Just imagine how many heads would turn in the streets of Oslo, if you drove around in that one!! 🙂

  2. Is your heart happy to be closer to home or are you still missing Haiti and your adventures too much? I find there’s a point on the journey home where your heart springs to be “in your own bed again,” no matter HOW sad you are to be departing a place you love!

  3. hey u shine of light 😉 if u are not serious with that cuban cigar please send it this way – it will be appreciated. hehe. enjoy the journey

  4. Incredible! The light in your eyes shows what a great time you had!! It’s been such a pleasure to follow you on this adventure, your photography and stories truly brought Haiti to life. Thanks, and I wish you safe travels on this last leg of your journey.

  5. Second image, at the background shows ‘Che Guevra’. I am just wondering if you have been educated about him, and if you know the history, because many people now are wearing T-Shirts, Shoes with the symbol of him – but most of them don’t know him at all.

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