A world within a world

You could call the whole Haiti that – a world within the world. Yet this is a country with vast differences, the world you see solely depends on where you are. And I’m happy to have been to the Seguin area, and Park La Visite, a national park that’s just so… so… :

Mist and sunset above the clouds

And Fondation Seguin definitely deserves a big THANKS for trying to protect this magical area, and for bringing me up there 🙂

24 thoughts on “A world within a world”

  1. Reblogged this on know-all's box and commented:
    Someone recently mentioned that re-blogging is similar to lending a book to friends….well….this blog is one book which is a must-read….and this post on Haiti is absolutely stunning!

  2. Oh, BLESS YOU for providing a blissful escape, today! The rock that circles you is awesome! And that “misty tree” or foggy…you are sooo talented!

  3. that’s gorgeous ksenia!! i especially love the first and the last photo! and the “sunny forest” is awesome as well!

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