Release the kite

stuck wind kite


Flying a kite is fun… I think! I’ve never tried, have you?


Kite flies in the mountain of Haiti


 I see flying kites almost every day, even though there’s no wind! How is that possible? I want one!


On another note; I’ve made a Haiti album on Flickr 😀


22 thoughts on “Release the kite”

    1. My theory is that the wind is stronger 5-6 meters above the ground.. ? Caroline & I were witching a little girl with her mom and a kite, and we thought: That’s never going to work! There’s no wind! But 5 minutes later, it was flying 😮

  1. What is no wind for us is at least 7-10 mph after a certain height. The make/paper of the kite too is important, lighter the better on a no-wind day. Lovely pictures, Ksenia!

  2. oh flying a kite reminds me of my childhood, me and my cousins did that very often during fall 🙂 now i want one too, haha! and i know a photographer who takes photos from the air with a kite, would be fun to try!

    1. No, I’ve heard a lot about it though.. And I’ve heard that it’s sad… and I try to stay away from sad things because you stumble upon them eventually wether you want to or not….

      1. it’s a sad story alright, but it’s also a story of redemption. it leaves you feeling good after reading it.

  3. We often tried but rarely succeeded. It was fun putting together kite kits though and going through the rag bag for material to make a tail.

  4. loved the captures! here we have a god named Vishwakarma, and the day of his worship, everyone flies kites, and the sky is full of them…keep them coming 🙂

  5. Beautiful images! I LOVE all those fantastic vibrant colors – so nice!
    I remember I tried constructing kites from all kinds of different things (none of which seem very aerodynamic now that I look back on it) when I was growing up. Needless to say it never really worked. Lots of fun, though!

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